Is there one Bible or many?

There is one Bible, translated into many different languages so that you have the ability to read it. We believe that God's word was written to be used, and this can only take place if you can read it in the language that you know.

There are four books recording the life of Jesus and these are known as the "Gospels". They witness the events from different perspectives and together contain the "Good News".

The Bible has two key parts - the Old Testament, and the New Testament which are books written immediately following the time of Jesus.

Has the Bible changed?

We believe that God can protect his precious word. The books of the bible were recorded over a period of about 1,600 years and have been faithfully recorded, and translated into many languages. Bible translations are made from the original language text, and are revised to reflect changing use of modern languages, but the original language texts are not changed.

How can I contact you?

We are a group of people, Afghans and foreigners, who all work together to produce accurate and useful resources for the Afghan church worldwide. This website is published by Pamir Ministries to represent a number of co-operating organisations who come together in the unity of Jesus Christ.

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Are there other resources that you might suggest?

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